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Nov. 7th, 2007

Bentos 22 and 23

Lee's Bento

 Baby dill pickles, chocolate covered pretzels, boiled egg and chinese pot stickers. 

The verdict: She loved the pot stickers and wants more in her lunches. Her words: "Mom those are SOOOOOOO good!"

Snuggs' Bento

Applesauce with a jam heart, chocolate covered pretzels, chinese pot stickers, baby dill pickles, hamburger gummy. A smaller lunch than normal because she was on a class trip to the Royal Winter Fair and she had money for treats :)

The verdict: She ate everything including the treats she bought. Pot stickers were a total success.

Bento #23

Lee's Bento

Laughing Cow Cheese, asian pear and clementine wedges, rolled meat and a cheese heart with a side cup of mayo for make your own sandwiches. Croissant, remaining cheese, popcorn and fruit gummies.

Snuggs' Bento

Asian pear and clementine wedges, laughing cow cheese, cheese heart and rolled meat. Popcorn with real fruit gummies, a teddy bear sandwich with jam, crackers and some chocolate and vanilla filled sticks. She made the bear herself and is mighty proud!

Oct. 26th, 2007

Bento #19

Getting Buggy!

Miss Snuggs had a snack bento today because its Sub day at school. We played around with different bugs to make a creepy crawly halloween snack box...

Underneath all those most delicious bugs (yum yum!) we have....

Gummy worms eating our mandarin orange segments, a creepy witchy-poo fork, an almond breakfast bar, a mini bluberry muffin and a vampire marshmallow candy. Hiding beneath the muffin and vampire is out pumpkin napkin and lurking among the cracks and crevices you will find yogurt raisins (or maybe they are maggots?!?), real fruit gummies and teeny tiny bats, cats and pumpkin candies.

Oct. 17th, 2007

Bento # 19

Lee's skull bento: Lee adores skulls... its a warped phase I am rathe hoping that she outgrows soon but hey, your only 15 once. LOL 

Stars, moons and rocket ships chicken nuggets which I asked her if she would be embarassed to eat at school an she said "No of course not!" dang I love that kid :o), a skull eraser, tomatoes with dressing, a skull marshmallow candy (she probably wont eat it but i threw it in anyway) and jelly roll slices.

Snuggs' Bento 

Bottom Tier: Laughing cow cheese, a foil star filled with sauteed apples and cinnamon and blueberries, space shaped chicken nuggets, plum sauce and a witch marshmallow treat.

Top Tier: Raspberry swiss roll spirals, a marshmallow ghostie, a new halloween pencil (eraser too but its not shown) and her ever present strawberry banana milk :o)

And wow a bento for ME! I started working at the local chamber of commerce so on Thursdays and Fridays I get to take a lunch to work with me. I am excited about creating grown up bento's but I have to see if there is a microwave there...

The contents here are clear I think given the two above... I would have filled in the gaps with some grapes but the kids ate them all LOL

Tomatoes with dressing, peaches with some marichino cherries :o)

Oct. 10th, 2007

Bento #18

Using my new Piggy Bento for the first time :o)

There isnt anything really special about her lunch today - mainly because I have bronchitis and am on five different prescription medications :(

So, we have two heart shaped triple fruit jam sandwiches, a chocolate chip muffin, carrot sticks, a chocolate and a vanilla cookie stick, yogurt raisins, disney princesses cereal, real fruit gummes and some halloween candies: pumpkins, candy corn and a yellow cat.

Oct. 3rd, 2007

Bento #17

Top Tier: Strawberry Banana Milk with a special sticker with my girlies name on it and a tray of fresh pineapple, strawberries and marischino cherries

Bottom Tier: Olives on a diamond skewer, shake and bake chicken leg from tonights dinner (we had McDonalds after swim class so dad had extra food from the supper he made) a small container with tapioca pudding topped with rainbow sprinkles and mini M&Ms. The red cupcake holder contains yogurt raisins and star shaped Disney Princesses Cereal

Oct. 2nd, 2007

Bentos #15 and 16

Bento #15

Lee's Bento was the same as Miss Snuggs' yesterday...

Starting with the small container, we have so icky looking purple stuff that was simply delish. An apple, peeled and cored, a little water and a couple of scoops of homemade blueberry preserves (not jam). Simmer on the stove until the apples are soft and serve warm or cold. They are yummy! Beside that is kiwi and banana. I used the fruitfresh on the banana's but they were still icky by lunch. Never again. Just send it whole or not at all. Below that we have some lemon jello with frozen blueberries scattered on top. Now that I know Snuggs likes the combination, I will put the berries into the jello.

In the bottom section we have a chocolate chip muffin, cheese chunks, two cocktail weiners wrapped in cresent rolls and some real fruit gummies. 

The box was large enough that I am finding it hard to fill but I am working out what dividers will fit into the box and what wont.

The Verdict: Dont send freaking bananas in their lunch unless they are whole with the peel on them!

Bento #16

Bottom Tier:

Alot fuller today because of the sandwich. Basic bologna with cheese and mayo. Boring but I had to make lunches this morning instead of the night before. Additionally we have some Fruit Loops and Pringles Sour Cream and Onion chips.

Top Tier: Kiwi and apple chunks, strawberry and banana milk smoothie

On the side and not pictured is a container of tapioca pudding that Snuggs hugged and danced all around the kitchen saying "My preeeeciousssss" cuz she is apparently NUTS. 

I wonder...

I wonder if you wanted to tint regular coloured pasta in fun colours, you could just add some food colouring to the water? I mean hey, if you can do it for rice... imagine the possibilities!

Sep. 29th, 2007


I finally have money! It feels good to know that I can actually go out to the grocery store and purchase fresh items for the girls. I have alot of things in the freezer from dollar day sales last month that can be used in their lunches so the weekly outlay for them will be minimal. 

Currently housed in my freezer you will find:

Danon yogurts
Veggie lasagna - single serving size
Tater Tots
Mini Meat Pies - chicken and beef
Cheese Burger Hot Pocket
Mini Bagels - blueberry
Regular Bagels - sesame and plain
Burritos - chicken and beef
Stuffed Chicken Breast

as well as some treats like mini muffins, mini cupcakes and sugar donuts.

Additionally, I finally got my fit and fresh boxes! I was a little worried that they would be too large but they appear to be just the right size. It might take some getting used to when packing them because I am not totally sure what will fit where with the supplies that I have.

Sep. 28th, 2007

Bento #14

A little better with the colours today - although I am noticing that everything that kids eat in their lunches is practically colourless.

Miss Snuggs' Bento only today - Lee eats at the cafeteria once a week.

We have mango, a blueberry muffin, three cracker sandwiches stuffed with cream cheese and homemade roasted red pepper and peach jelly. There is a green tropical fruit flavoured gelly tube, some macaroon chocolates and a top sliced hot dog bun filled with leftover meatloaf and topped with some ketchup. On the side we have the last mini yogurt drink.

The Verdict
Miss Snuggs ate everything in her lunch however she didnt like the mango - oddly enough she liked it a few days ago when it had baby oranges in it. Fusspot. LOL

Sep. 27th, 2007

Budget Bento Supplies

I was able to go shopping in a mall in a nearby city yesterday and was so excited thinking that there was an asian market place in the mall. Get there and the bloody thing was CLOSED. Gone. Kaput. I was so upset! Anyway, not to be swayed, I wanted to wander around the mall and check out some of the various dollar stores as well as the Japanese/Chinese CANDY store that they have there.

Here is my frugal bento supplies haul... I cant imagine how much fun it would be in a place with actual bento supplies but we dont seem to have any in Ontario :o(


OK, starting from the right: 

Jelly sticks purchased at the Japanese candy store - there are 4 different colours in the pack: green, pink, white and yellow. I paid $1.89 per pack and there are around 20 tubes in the each one.

In the top row we have a pig container that comes with a fork and spoon. I also have the ladybug and the cat one and find them great for snacks and smaller lunches. Beside that, there are two sets of cutlery - miniature forks and spreaders with wooden handles. 

In the bottom row I have a selection of little candy boxes that I thought would be good for little snacks and things. A purple cell phone - the entire top opens up to expose the contents and the buttons each make a different sound. Too cool! Next I have a hello kitty container filled with Japanese candy with a flip top, a volkswagon beatle with a roof that opens up to get at all the goodies and a round yellow container filled with mini M&M's.

Everything with the exception of the Jelly sticks and the hello kitty was purchased for the cost of $1

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